Would you like to have a map of your life’s journey?

Are you worried, afraid and in doubt? Do you wonder why some people effortlessly achieved their dreams or goals in life? And why, despite your great efforts, life has become harder and the journey seems like a roller-coaster ride for you?

Now, you ask, how you can you take control of your life and freedom? You also notice that the same negative issues have been coming up in your life over and over again. And all you want right now is a solution to all your worries but you really seem hopeless.

Base on your name and birthdate, you have the main key that opens the door to know yourself on a deeper level.  The science of numerology can guide you to useful information that will help you realize the weakness, strengths, and blessings that you are traveling in your own unique path as well as the challenges you are about to overcome.  Numerologists maintain that every name vibrates and is dynamic in its vitality. 

We have 7 major energy centers and 9 vibrations.   Each vibration/frequency attracts and enhances a particular experience in life. Therefore, you are not inferior than others. So do not ever doubt your abilities and intelligence because it could be that your energy and vibration serve as the hindrance in achieving your goals in life

Ms. Sylvia Mariano could be of help to you in guiding you to answer some of your questions and how crystals and gemstones can help you raise and balance your vibrational frequency to help you fulfill or achieve your goals in life.

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Thank you to those who visited Ms. Sylvia Mariano at Minex Crystals to have their Life Path Reading last March 9, 2019.